Master your Tracks with Audio3K

Have you ever asked yourself questions like why my music production doesn’t sound to the standard?…

Or why my tracks are not as punchy and full as my favorite artist’s Music Productions?

As you might know, the Music Industry and Record Labels demand great quality of Sound. When it comes to your Music. In other words, it needs to sound as Professional as the standard Music Productions out there.

You need a Sound Engineer to take your Music to the Next Level. That is why we exist. Audio3K Mastering. 

Why us u would ask?



Besides Mastering more than 1000 tracks over 10 years, your Music will sound Big, Fat and ready for the Labels, Djs or Radio stations.


Every Mastering job is personalized. There is not a software doing an automated work for us. We take pride in our work.


Nowadays there is software that does Mastering for you. Wich lowered the expectation of many Musicians and Music Producers. At the same price, we will have a professional and individual Master. That sounds the way you want.


Here are the Prices for our Services, we will prioritize whoever does payments in advance. We only take Paypal payments to:


1 track


5 tracks*


10 tracks*

* For the promotions of 5 to 10 tracks, you have to send all the tracks at the same time.